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An application service provider (ASP) is a business that provides computer-based services to customers over a network, the application software resides on the provider’s systems.

Xsdot services web-based managed applications or services that are accessible through the internet any time and any place. Xsdot takes care of all needed hosting facilities to keep your online managed services healthy and secure.

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Xsdot SAAS/ASP Hosting benefits

All servers are installed with multi layer security and anti abuse systems.

Up to date hardware and software, daily backups, monitor, alarm and recovery facilities.

Our servers are located in key data centers, our platform includes multi layer caching systems.

Easy & convenient
No system engineering needed, no patching needed, always up to dat

Xsdot SAAS Hosting benefits

Xsdot’s clients commonly select our ASP solutions instead of buying and hosting the applications themselves. Below are some of the benefits,

Low cost and reliable

Because Xsdot provides its services on a wide scale to many clients we can generally provide you with lower prices and more reliable systems than hosting the applications yourself. You don’t need in-house system engineers, in-house software licenses or in-house servers (hardware). In most cases our clients share the application servers, which means they also have shared costs.

All needed maintance included

No need to install or maintain software or hardware, no need to have in-house knowledge about web services or system engineering (install updates & patches, maintain system security, backups, etc.). You can start using our application services worldwide immediately after the contract is signed.

Scalable and future prove

Xsdot services different kinds of simple and complex business solutions. Along with your businesses growing, more services are added easily. Easily run and manage multiple web sites, portals, web shops and other web applications using one tool with integrated security. Most of our clients start in a shared hosting facility, however, when they get higher traffic or larger or more complex applications, they can get their own application server.

Xsdot SAAS hosting facilities

Xsdot takes care of security, system backups and general maintenance of the data systems, hardware and software. Below are given some facilities and benefits,

Fast and reliable services

Xsdot locates its servers in authorized data centers with fast and reliable connections. All our servers are stored with power backup facilities, fire prevention facilities, air-conditioning systems, alarm systems and spare servers. Furthermore, our application servers includes a 8 layer smart hierarchical cache for high performance page and services throughput.

Multi layer security and anti abuse systems

Xsdot SAAS security

Xsdot uses Cisco™ hardware firewalls combined with software HIPS (Host Intrusion and Prevention System) clients on each server. On top of that we also have multiple anti abuse systems implemented in our server software, that block the common web services abuse.

The HIPS software includes three components,

  • An extra secondary firewall, for optimum redundant protection.
  • An IDS to block network attacks and buffer overflows on a socket level.
  • An OS protection layer to monitor and protect the host operating system and its components.

(Also see ASP hosting diagram below for security platform architect)

Integrated online backup systems

Xsdot SAAS backups

To protect your data, Xsdot uses a primary and secondary remote internet backup system, physically located in two different locations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Alkmaar).
Each server is backed up every night three times, one local and two remote, the backups are kept for two months (standard contract).
Because the backup systems are online and fully automated you don’t need to rotate backup tapes, bring backup tapes at home or test the backup tapes themselves. Xsdot tests each server recovery once a month to ensure that the backup systems are working properly.
To protect the data from third parties, the data is encrypted with  three encryption methods/layers plus one extra layer during the backup transportation.
For those that rent their own server(s) we also offer extended additional backup facilities, like continental backups (used for military, governmental or important banking services), extended data storage times (up to years) and backups to custom locations.

Monitor and alarm systems

Xsdot SAAS monitor and alarm

Xsdot developed special services that monitor our web application servers 24/7. When a failure occurs local and remote alarms are fired so that specialized personnel take immediate actions to correct any problems.
Our platform includes flexible monitor systems, audible alarms (remote/local), technical switches, email and SMS notifications, which are easily managed online. The components can be freely connected to each other so any monitor/alarm architect can be realized.
Servers and monitors can be classified by minor, major and critical flags that generate different alarms, notifications and loggings.

Spare remote servers

When there is an irreversible hardware or software failure on one of our servers, Xsdot remotely continues its services by using spare servers located in two physical separated locations. For every two production servers in our hosting platform we include one spare server, hardware firewall system and software HIPS system.

Xsdot SAAS Hardware/Software Hosting diagram

Xsdot SAAS Hardware/Software Hosting diagram

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