About us

Xsdot is an experienced software development company that occupies itself with the development and implementation of Internet sites, Portal sites, eCommerce sites, Intranets, Extranets, CRM sites, Financial sites, Community sites and other web-based applications. See Xsdot occupations for more information.

About Adev Advanced Development

Adev Advanced development (Adev) was founded in 2001 Its main development focus was windows specialised services and bussiness applications. Adev's first customer was the Rabobank. Adev developed a set of specialized software components for the Rabobank online banking platform for businesses.

About Xsdot

Within several years Adev's focus moved more and more towards internet based applications. Xsdot was chosen as the brand name for Adev's web application activities and Xsdot web application server. Both the Adev and Xsdot names were officially trademarked in 2006.

Our mission

Xsdot has two main missions,

  • To further develop its Xsdot web application server that covers all imaginable services and components for the use of online and web-based business activities.

  • To implement its web application server and services for its customers with the focus on custom and quality service.

Our vision

Our vision is that all traditional software will be shifted to the internet, software hosted on the internet is called web-based software and is accessible by using a web browser, mobile or app (Android/IOS). Web-based software has many benefits compared to traditional software, for example, web-based software does not have to be installed on client computers and only needs to be maintained on one server saving time and money.

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