B2C & B2B eCommerce solutions

B2C & B2B eCommerce solutions

E-Commerce is the practice of selling products and services to consumers (B2C, business to consumers) or selling products and services to other businesses (B2B, business to business).

Xsdot has been developing and implementing successful eCommerce solutions for over 10 years. Because of our experience we know that eCommerce is more than putting products online together with a shopping cart, eCommerce is the automation of a business that includes customers, employees, businesses, paperwork, finances, taxes and distribution.

All Xsdot eCommerce services seamlessly integrate with other Xsdot services like eMailing, Content management, CRM and Community services (See Xsdot full component list for more information).

Xsdot eCommerce diagram

Web shops

Setting up your business on the internet can be a lucrative way to attract customers, expand your market and increase sales both online and offline.

Xsdot eCommerce web shops are used to sell shippable (physical products) or digital downloadable products (digital books, music, information or videos) to consumers and other businesses online.

Product presentation and information

Xsdot delivers its e-Commerce web shops with ready to use product templates and layouts. Easily create good looking detailed product pages and catalogs using Xsdot’s hierarchical content management system. Product information can be displayed using any of Xsdot's ready to use components like attributes, images, videos, texts, prices and tables.

Online and offline payment systems

Xsdot implemented many payment service providers (PSP's) to support any online payment systems available nationally and internationally, for example credit card systems (Visa, Master card, American express, etc), Paypall and iDeal. Furthermore, our payment plug-in system enables future and custom payment services easily.

Xsdot payment services also enable the implementation of many variables like price, country, weight, etc. to automatically calculate payment costs for internet customers.

Xsdot payment systems

Advanced eCommerce administration modules

Xsdot’s eCommerce platform contains all needed administration modules to administrate invoices, offers, customers, packages, etc. online. All e-commerce administration modules seamlessly integrate with other Xsdot modules like CRM, Statistics and eMailing. 

  • Invoice & offer administration
    A complete invoice and offer administration module including many functions like review, create, print and download invoices and offers.

  • Customer administration
    An administration system to administrate customers. Review, create and manage customers online.

  • Package administration
    A system to administrate packaging and distribution. Administrate paperwork, tracking codes, shipping mails, etc.

  • Financial administration
    A system used to administrate financial tasks like book-in payments, print and review payments, send payment reminders, etc.

Distribution & Shipping modules

Xsdot's open shipping and product distribution modules enables the implementation of any shipping company, nationally and internationally. By using weights, volumes, destination, origin and shipping company information the right shipping method is automatically selected and the right shipping costs calculated.

Attribute systems and advanced search

Xsdot developed an open variable and attribute system that is used to assign variable and attributes to products and content pages. They are used for the product extended search modules, product selection modules, product presentation modules and product drill down modules. The variables and attribute are defined using a hierarchical tree enabling any complex attribute system.

Offline product folders, catalogs and books

Xsdot developed special services that enable a merchant to output high resolution product folders, books and catalogs for printing in specific designs straight out of the web shop's content system directly. A print shop is enabled to download folders, books and catalogs online for printing directly, saving time and money.

Mobile and responsive

Xsdot's web system contains mobile services that enable a web shop to be accessed by mobile devices like mobile phones, smartphones and PDA's. Selling products on mobile devices is called business to mobile (B2M). Xsdot has implemented the 'xhtml mobile standard' into its e-commerce system; mobile applications are easily maintained next to ‘normal' web sites and other web applications.

Mobile ecommerce solutions

Web-based POS

Many times an online business and an offline business are the same, for example a shop selling the same products online and offline using the same stock. Starting in 2008 Xsdot implemented its first web-based POS system that is used in an offline shop. The benefits of using an online POS is that all online and offline businesses are integrated into one, all data from the shops are stored in one database enabling one administration & financial system for all online and offline shops.

Business to business (B2B)

Business-to-business (B2B) is a term used to describe electronic commerce transactions between businesses. The first step to create a B2B solution is to analyze the business needs between two or more companies. Xsdot develops and implements custom made B2B solutions using standard components and custom developed services when needed. This dramatically reduces development and implementation time. For more information about our B2B solutions please contact us.

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