Xsdot web application SAAS server

Manage multiple sites, intranets and applications in a managed and safe web cloud environment. Xsdot’s application cloud is a hierarchical and services based web application platform. All Xsdot software solutions are developed by using smaller web services/functions that combined define a web application.

  1. application server, web application server, web server introduction, introduction, xsdot application server, java web server, java web application serverXsdot saas server introduction
    Easy to use hierarchical web application server. Maintain multiple sites, intranets and applications in a managed and...Read more >

  2. ecommerce, ecommerce services, webshop services, webshop, java webshop, java ecommerceXsdot eCommerce components
    Xsdot saas platform implemented many eCommerce components that you can use to architect any complex eCommerce...Read more >

  3. content management, content components, content services, java cms, java content components, html5 cmsXsdot content components
    Easily layout any Xsdot service to create SEO correct and advanced structured content for different targets...Read more >

  4. mailing, emailing, mailing system, emailing system, mailing components, email, news letterXsdot Mailing system
    Use our advanced emailing system to post information and marketing content to your customers, employees and business...Read more >

  5. crm services, crm components, financial servicesXsdot CRM & financial services
    Xsdot has many standard CRM & financial components, combined with custom made services become your CRM &...Read more >

  6. security system, web security, internet security, security, authentication, loginXsdot security & authentication
    Flexible all round security, authentication and user management systems. Easily apply security on services, content...Read more >

  7. community services, community components, web 2.0, forums, blogs, java forums, java blogs, java community servicesXsdot community services
    Xsdot has many web 2.0 services like blogs, forums, comments, ratings, forms, that are easily placed in any...Read more >

  8. server components, web monitor services, alarm web services, sms web services, email services, output services, input services, internet backup, online backup, backup servicesXsdot server components
    Server components are used for general server maintenance. One can think of monitoring, alarm and local or remote...Read more >

  9. web search services, index services, search components, search servicesXsdot search & index system
    Create and categories keyword lists to improve and monitor your content; make your content more accessible to your...Read more >

  10. statistics, analytics, web statistics, web analytics, statistics server, xsdot statistics serverXsdot statistics
    Xsdot’s integrated statistics system is a powerful tool to trace your customers, employees, relations and traffic.Read more >

  11. ajax, ajax library, javascript ajax, javascript ajax libraryXsdot AJAX platform
    Xsdot AJAX enables sophisticated interaction designs and improves the web site’s usability while still...Read more >

  12. web component list, xsdot component list, web component library, xsdot component library, web components, web services, components, managed web servicesXsdot full component list
    Xsdot has many web based services and components that are easily placed and managed in our application server, see...Read more >

Any Xsdot services that you buy are reusable and compatible.

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