Xsdot registration services

Xsdot Registration services

Every website, portal, eCommerce solution or other web application needs a domain name to be accessible online.
When security is applied on a web site or web application, SSL keys are needed to encrypt connections and data transport.
To protect your domain names (and company and brand names) you need to register trade marks for your business names and brands.

Xsdot facilitates its customers with professional Domain, SSL certificates and Trade mark registration services.

Domain name registrations

Xsdot uses reliable domain registration third parties to register and maintain any domain name extension available worldwide for its customers. Domain names are used to access a website, portal or application on the internet.

Domain name negotiation services

Having a good domain name is very important for an online business, unfortunately most names are already taken, especially names that end with the popular .com extension. Many names have been bought and registered by domain name collectors when the names were still widely available and low in price, now they ask a lot of money for these names. Xsdot facilitates in searching names, calculating domain name values and, furthermore, negotiates buying taken names for its clients.

Trademark registrations

Many think that registering a domain name means that they own it, this is not the case. Registering a domain name only means that you registered the domain name for usage. It is important to protect your names by trade marking them, for example, when you own a domain name and another company owns the trademark, it could mean that this company can force you to give up your registered domain name by law. Xsdot facilitates its customers by registering trade mark names in several ways. Contact us for more information.

SSL registrations

Xsdot uses several reliable Certificate Authorities (CA’s) for obtaining different types of SSL keys to secure our sites and applications. There are different types of keys for different types of applications. Generally we use the following three types,

EV web server certificates

EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates are capable of up to 256-bit encryption combined with the strongest identity authentication standard available today. By taking this type of key your company has to comply with many rules and paperwork making this type of key difficult to get. However, SSL keys with EV help to assure your customers that you have an authenticated, trustworthy site/company and that information is encrypted while in transit between your application and your customers. Customers can easily validate this key as their browsers show a green bar indicating a trusted site. This type of key is mostly used in eCommerce and extranet environments.

Normal web server certificates

Secure SSL certificates with full authentication capable of 256-bit encryption. To get this type of certificates your company will be validated for existence by a CA before the CA will deliver the requested key to you. This type of key is easier to get and cheaper than an EV SSL key. It is mostly used in extranet and eCommerce environments.

Domain validated SSL certificated

Domain validated SSL certificates are capable of 256-bit encryption and are issued without company validation. These keys are very easy to get, as only the domain name will be validated by the CA. This key is technically the same as the other keys, however, it does not identify your company (your customers can not identify your companies website and are not guaranteed that the website belongs to your company). These keys are easy to get without any paperwork and therefore also very cheap. This type of key is mostly used in intranet (private) environments.

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