We develop your web and app projects without limitations...

By using standard development procedures, generic proven building blocks and lots of experience we create secure, stable, easy to use, high performance and good looking applications that can scale with your business. Xsdot develops e-commerce, content management, crm and erp applications in the cloud. We automate any process for commercial companies, foundations and the government. We develop for the following platforms:

Web / cloud app development

Web / cloud app development

Android app development

Android app development

IOS app development

IOS app development

..in the design that fits your business and brands...

Design is an important part of an application. Your apps and sites that your customers and partners make use of should implement your house style design that reflects your brands and products identity.

Xsdot does not make use of standard design templates but develops the templates in-house. This way we guarantee that your house style is implemented without any design compromises. When you need a new house style or logo we work together with our top design partners.

..connecting your employees, partners and customers...

Xsdot has a lot of development experience and knowledge that enables us to automate your business processes with any external or internal services that your partners, employees and customers make use of. For example, a web-shop is not just a website but is also a business connected to a supply chain, customer base, accounting service, support service and a packing & shipping service.

Development in time

..in time, without surprises...

We make sure that you get what you want in the time frame that we have agreed on. Each project starts with a customer project interview, detailed project offer, contract, plan of approach, agreements and time schedules.

Development support

..including responsive & engaging support

During the development process and after project delivery we support our solutions with engaging and responsive support. We think with you like a partner giving advise and ideas. Directly get support from our developers in a timely manner.


Xsdot powered example projects that have been developed together with or by our partners
  • hypercube-agency.com

    Marketing agency for the crypto industry | Hypercube. Web3, Crypto and  AI marketing projects.. Visit hypercube-agency.com for more information.

    Xsdot Refences Hypercube 1
    Xsdot Refences Hypercube 2

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