Development prices

Xsdot always delivers its solutions and services in a project based format, the below prices are only given as an indication and differ per project. The project pricing depends on factors like complexity, needed time, needed resources (employment, services, third parties, etc) and project re-usability. For example, projects that are beneficial for the Xsdot - web application platform itself can get up to 25% lower pricing to encourage its development.

Software / web development (per hour)

Software development Web/IOS/Android 80,00 Euro
*Software development - Xsdot platform - SAVE UP TO 25% 60,00 Euro
IOS app software development 80,00 Euro
Android app software development 80,00 Euro
Software architecting - Custom 80,00 Euro
Database development 75,00 Euro
Client site development (Javascript, AJAX) 75,00 Euro
Technical project management 80,00 Euro
Project management 75,00 euro
Reseller discount 20%

Design & animation (per hour)

Concept design 75,00 Euro
Interaction design 75,00 Euro
Technical design 75,00 Euro
Web videos and animations 75,00 Euro
3D design, 3D modeling and 3D animations 75,00 Euro
Reseller discount 20%

S.E.O. & online marketing

Search engine optimalisations (per hour) 75,00 Euro
Online marketing development (per hour) 75,00 Euro
Online social marketing (per hour) 75,00 Euro
Keyword marketing Google request
Keyword marketing Microsoft Bing request
Keyword marketing Yahoo request
Reseller discount 20%

Registrations (for customers only)

Domain names request
Domain name negotiations (per hour) 80,00 Euro
Trademark registrations national (10 years) ~550,00 Euro
Trademark registrations international (10 years) request
SSL keys basic (1 year) 35,00 Euro
SSL keys advanced EV (1 year) 80,00 Euro
Reseller discount 20%

Consultancy / project management (per hour)

Project management 80,00 Euro
IT consultancy 80,00 Euro
Internet consultancy 80,00 Euro
Payment provider (msp,psp) consultancy 80,00 Euro
Reseller discount 20%

Other occupations (per hour, for Xsdot platform only)

Content management 75,00 Euro
Content management lessons 75,00 Euro
System engineering 75,00 Euro
Design & implementation 75,00 Euro
Reseller discount 20%

SAAS application shared hosting Xsdot platform per month

Small website or app (max 200 objects) 12,50 euro
Medium website or app (max 1000 objects) 29,95 euro
Large website or app (max 2500 objects) 49,99 euro
Database applications  
Small database app (max 200 objects) 25,00 euro
Medium database app (max 500 objects) 49,99 euro
Large site database app (max 1500 objects) 99,99 euro
Ecommerce applications  
Small webshop (max 500 objects) 25,00 euro
Medium webshop (max 1000 objects) 49,99 euro
Large webshop (max 2500 objects) 99,99 euro
* own public ip address 5,00 euro

Email boxes per month

Xsdot basic imap/smtp secured email box Free (included in SAAS contract)
MS. office/outlook 365 inc. office apps 5,80 Euro

SAAS application private server hosting Xsdot platform per month

2 applications + 2 IP addresses (max 15000 objects) 199,99 euro
5 applications + 5 IP addresses (max 32000 objects) 399,99 euro
Dedicated mail server 25,00 euro
Dedicated firewall 25,00 euro

Xsdot platform server license per year

Xsdot platform license / year / server 4000,- euro

* To encourage the development of the Xsdot web application server, Xsdot pays up to 25% of the software development costs when projects are ordered that are beneficial for the Xsdot web application server itself.
** Prices are excluding vat.

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