Xsdot eCommerce components

Xsdot eCommerce system

Over the years Xsdot has developed a vast set of eCommerce components that are used in for example web shop (B2C) and business to business (B2B) solutions (See Xsdot E-commerce solutions for more information). All Xsdot eCommerce components can be freely combined and seamlessly integrate with other Xsdot services like Content management, CRM and eMailing services.

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E-Commerce components

  1. ecommerce configuration, ecommerceConfiguration & definition services
    The eCommerce configuration modules are used to administrate all eCommerce settings and definitions. The modules can...Read more >

  2. ecommerce administration, administration, webshop administrationE-Commerce Administration modules
    The eCommerce administration modules are used to administrate products, prices, orders, offers, invoices, customers,...Read more >

  3. ecommerce product, ecommerce, web shop, product componentsProduct components
    Product components are used together with content and other components to create rich product pages and product...Read more >

  4. ecommerce customer services, customer services, ecommerceCustomer services
    Customer services are divided in three main parts: registration and authentication, customer settings and...Read more >

  5. ecommerce order modules, order modules, ecommerceOrder modules
    The order modules are used to create custom order processes for customers. The modules can be freely connected to...Read more >

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