Xsdot server components

Xsdot server components

Xsdot's server components are used for general server and application maintenance, these services are for example implemented in Xsdot’s Application Server Provider platform to serve and host reliable web applications (See Xsdot application service provider for more information).

Xsdot server components are used for data protection, data recovery, monitor and alarm purposes. Xsdot server components are also used for hardware connectivity solutions for application servers like sensors (temperature, humidity) and switches (input or output).

Monitor and alarm services

Monitor & alarm services are used to alarm web application owners and system engineers when a web server or web service is not functioning properly. All Xsdot services are freely place-able and combinable, enabling to architect any monitor and alarm system online.

Alarm manager service

With the alarm manager a system engineer can define what types of alarms are fired depending on the defined monitors and events. The system engineer can select the importance of an error by assigning minor, major and critical weights to events.

Monitor services

Application monitor service
The monitor service is used for monitoring web servers and web applications. Servers and applications can be added and changed on the fly.

Alarm services
Alarm services enable visible (lights), audible (sound alarms) and other alarm systems to be physically connected on a server.

Push notification service

This service is used to post emails, SMS or push notifications to system engineers when errors occur. This service is also used by other Xsdot applications for general notification purposes.

Temperature & humidity service

This service enables the connection of several temperature and humidity sensors on a server. This service can be used by the Alarm manager to fire alarm events when for example the temperature gets to high. This service is also used to control a climate online in for example houses and offices.

Output module service

The Xsdot output module enables the connection of hardware output switches on a server. This module is used by the Alarm manager to create physical and audible alarms. This module is also used for general output switching functionalities.

Input module service

The Xsdot input module enables the connection of hardware input switches on a server. This module is used by the Alarm manager to connect external switches with alarm devices. This module is also used for general input switching functionalities.

Backup & recovery services

Monitor services

To protect application data, Xsdot has implemented local and remote backup services. The backups are stored incremental to save storage space, also the backup services can be setup using various backup occurrences (daily, weekly, etc). To protect the data from third parties it is stored using three encryption methods/layers and when a backup is transported it is secured by an extra encryption layer.

Local backup service
The local backup services is a standard backup facility that prepares a daily backup on a server locally. The prepared backup is used to be stored on backup tapes and other storage devices.

Remote backup service
The remote backup services are used to make backups remotely through the internet, basiclally any Xsdot application server can backup other Xsdot application servers online. The remote backup services are fully automated excluding the need to rotate backup tapes, bring backup tapes physically to another location or test the backup tapes.

Backup download and decryption service
This service enables a server administrator to download application domain backups stored on a Xsdot application server or online remote backup service system.
Furthermore this service multi decrypts the backup files after given the correct backup service key.
Online backups can only be maintained by ‘Xsdot server owners’.

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