Xsdot Application server

Xsdot Application server

Maintain multiple sites, intranets and applications in a managed and safe web environment.

Xsdot’s application server is a hierarchical and services based web application server. All Xsdot software solutions are developed by using smaller web services that combined define a final usable web application. Any Xsdot services that you buy are reusable and compatible.

The Xsdot web application server was developed with the following points in mind,


Xsdot services can be placed and combined in pages without limitations by using hierarchical layout systems that can be combined all together.

Easy to use direct interface

All Xsdot services can be edited and configured directly in the page or browser tree without having to leave the application pages. Just point your mouse at the item in the page or browser tree and press the right mouse button to open the menus for accessing the edit and property functions.

Hierarchical and services based

The Xsdot web application server is a hierarchical and services based web application server. It was developed to run, manage, design and develop any type of web application. For example, the Xsdot web application server is used for web sites, web portals, communities sites,  eCommerce sites, B2B sites, CRM applications, intranets, extranets and custom web applications. Most Xsdot customers take a combination of application types.
Xsdot web applications are developed by combining smaller web services/functionalities. These services are easily deployed, managed, extended and combined online using the Xsdot Content or Application management system.

Platform independend

The application server is a platform independent enterprise web server system,  it runs for example on Microsoft windows, Linux and Apple based operating systems.
The Xsdot SAAS platform is developed by using open source software and is 100% compatible with open source software components and solutions.

Implements all common web application services and components

The Xsdot web application server software and the Xsdot ASP hosting platform implement standard build in functionalities and components for running web based services and applications in a healthy and secure environment.
Implemented web application systems

  •  Hierarchical and services based content and application management system.
  •  Security and authentication system.
  •  Encryption systems.
  •  Build in statistics system.
  •  180+ ready to use web services and components.
  •  Anti web abuse system.
  •  Build in multi layer smart caching systems.
  •  External link test system.
  •  Seo tools and optimizations.

Server and SAAS hosting components

  • Daily backup to two separate locations in the Netherlands.
  • Hardware firewall system for every two production servers.
  • Software HIPS security system and secondary firewall on each server.
  • Spare hardware servers for every two production servers.

Design and development components

  • Software development kit.
  • Hierarchical open design template system.
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  • NL