Xsdot community services

Xsdot community services

A web community is a site or group of sites that virtual represents a community. A web community often looks like an internet forum, a group of blogs, a social network service or another type of social web service.

Use Xsdot’s community components for architecting private and public blogs, forums, guest books, news feeds, chats and more. All Xsdot community components are compatible, re-usable and combinable to create your specific community applications.

All Xsdot community services seamlessly integrate with other Xsdot services like, eMailing, Content management and eCommerce services (See Xsdot full component list for more information).


A web forum or message board is an online community site. It originated from a traditional bulletin board. Forums or boards are web based applications that manage visitor or board member generated content (Articles, messages, etc.). People participating in an web forum cultivate social bonds and interests for specific topics.


A blog is a type of website or web service that is usually maintained by an individual or group (company, foundation, association, etc.) with regular entries of commentary, descriptions, events, or other media like graphics or videos.

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Community services & components

  1. community messaging container, forum service, blog service, messaging containerCommunity messaging container
    A community messaging container is a space for placing community messages that can be presented for example as blogs,...Lees verder >

  2. community message editor, message editor service, message editor, editor, forum editor, blog editorCommunity message editor
    The message editor is used for creating editors that enable members or visitors to place articles, messages or...Lees verder >

  3. community search, search, blog search, forum searchCommunity search
    Enables a member or visitor to search community message containers like blogs, forums, news feeds, guest books, etc.Lees verder >

  4. community message view service, message viewCommunity message view
    With a community view, an application administrator can display a specific selection of messages and articles in a...Lees verder >

  5. community member list service, member list, search memberCommunity member list
    The community user list contains several functions depending on the selected designed template. It present a list of...Lees verder >

  6. community member details, member details serviceCommunity member details
    This component shows member details in a specified design definition. It presents items like name, date joined,...Lees verder >

  7. tag view, tag cloud, community tag view, community tagsCommunity tag view
    Show a list of tags depending on the selected filters (most used tags, most viewed tags, most searched tags, etc.)....Lees verder >

  8. community voting, voting component, community voting serviceCommunity voting
    When enabled, visitors or community members can vote on messages and articles. Voting on a message increases or...Lees verder >

  9. community rootCommunity root
    This component is used for defining a community root of interest. A community root can contain community categories...Lees verder >

  10. community category, category, forum category, blog categoryCommunity category
    This component is used for defining a community category of interest. A community category can contain community...Lees verder >

  11. community user group, user group, communityCommunity user group
    A user group component has been implemented for the storage of large groups of users. User groups are mainly used for...Lees verder >

  12. community member settings, member settings service, member settingsCommunity member settings
    With the ‘User settings’ service, members of a user group can manage their own settings when implemented.Lees verder >

  13. community logon indicator, logon indicator, member settings, quick logon service, communityCommunity login indicator / Quick login
    With this component an application designer can implement a quick logon system or it can be used as an logon...Lees verder >

  14. community who is online, who is online serviceCommunity who is online service
    A module that displays the currently online members in an application or user group. The shown members can link to...Lees verder >

  15. community rss feed, community rss feed service, rss feed, rss, news feedCommunity RSS Feed
    A module that displays the currently online members in an application or user group. The shown members can link to...Lees verder >

  16. live chat component, chat service, support, live support, chat, messengerLive Chat component
    The Xsdot Live Chat service enables administrators to place chat windows or live chat lists in the form of a (for...Lees verder >

  17. content reader service, post robot service, robotContent reader & post robot
    The content reader robot can read content from other sites and place them in local sites or applications in the form...Lees verder >

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