Tool components

Tool components

Xsdot tool components are basic components that are used for building web sites and could not be placed in other Xsdot component libraries.

Xsdot web site tool services

  1. predefined collection, predefined items, predefined pagesPredefined collection
    A predefined collection item represents a collection of items (services) or groups of web services that are...Read more >

  2. contact componentContact form component
    The contact component is used by web site visitors to post contact request to site owners. The contact form...Read more >

  3. news component, newsNews component
    A news component represents a framework for creating news items. News items are for example published in the web site...Read more >

  4. event component, eventsEvent component
    An event component represents a framework for creating events. Events are for example published in the web site as...Read more >

  5. basic search, searchBasic search component
    The basic search component is used for placing simple search and index engines into web sites and applications.Read more >

  6. rss news feed server, rss feed, rss, news feedRSS News feed server
    RSS (’Really Simple Syndication’ or ’Rich Site Summary’) is a family of web feed formats used...Read more >

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