Predefined collection

Predefined collection

A predefined collection item represents a collection of items (web services) or groups of web services that are frequently used by administrators enabling rapid web development.
Predefined items are preconfigured standard items or groups of preconfigured standard items for quickly building for example content pages. The availability of predefined items depend on the implementation of your application or site. 

Select an item in the tree or page to insert a predefined item. Click the right mouse button and select the ‘Insert new item’ and navigate to a predefined item. After clicking the left mouse button, the predefined item is inserted into the selected item.

It is easy to create predefined items yourself, any item or group of items found in the tree or page of your application can be copied to a predefined item tree in the browser by using a predefined collection service.

Predefined web services collections

Drag & drop predefined items

A predefined collection will also represent a drag panel containing drag-able elements that you can drag and drop into pages, web elements and menus.

Predefined web services collections
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