Xsdot platform documentation & help

  1. help, documentation, xsdot, application server, cmsXsdot - Content and Application Management
    The Xsdot web application server was developed with the following points in mind, Flexibility ,Easy to use direct...Lees verder >

  2. service property pages, item property pages, web service property pagesService property pages
    Every service, component or item in the Xsdot application server derives a standard set of properties that are used...Lees verder >

  3. content components, content servicesXsdot - Content components
    Xsdot developed a standard set of content components that are used in Xsdot’s content management system. A...Lees verder >

  4. Ecommerce administrationEcommerce administration
    E-Commerce is the practice of selling products and services to consumers (B2C, business to consumers) or selling...Lees verder >

  5. Discount systems & B2B pricesDiscount systems & B2B prices
    The general rule for given discounts is that the customer only receives the highest possible discount (discounts are...Lees verder >

  6. Creating S.E.O. correct contentCreating S.E.O. correct content
    This document is a small and simple guideline for producing S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimized) correct content pages.Lees verder >

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