Xsdot - Content and Application Management

Xsdot - Content and Application Management

Xsdot services can be placed and combined in pages without limitations by using hierarchical layout systems that can be combined all together. All Xsdot services can be edited and configured directly in the page or browser tree without having to leave the application pages. Just point your mouse at the item in the page or browser tree and press the right mouse button to open the menus for accessing the edit and property functions.

  1. web server introduction, server introduction, xsdot server introduction, Introduction to Xsdot server, Introduction to Xsdot cmsXsdot - Web application server introduction
    Flexible, easy to use direct interface and platform independent. More then 200 Xsdot web services and components...Lees verder >

  2. management backend access, login, backend login, enter backend, access backend, management accessManagement backend access and authentication
    You can use any of your domain names to access the Xsdot service / backend management system by using the following...Lees verder >

  3. management backend editor parts, backend management parts, xsdot management partsManagement backend editor parts
    After logging into the Xsdot web application management system, the management backend is loaded containing the start...Lees verder >

  4. content management edit functions, cms edit functions, edit functions, edit functions cms, xsdot edit functionsContent management common edit functions
    Below are given some of the common administration tasks related to content and application management,Lees verder >

  5. item presentation and design, web item presentation, web item design, web service presentation, web service design, design, look and feelPresentation and design
    Xsdot implemented a hierarchical template design system that can be assigned to items for defining design, look &...Lees verder >

  6. hierarchical layout systems, layout systems, layouts, xsdot layout systems, web layouts, web page layouts, web sevice layoutsHierarchical layout systems
    This part describes the layout render engine of the Xsdot application server and how to create and combine layouts.Lees verder >

  7. item positioning and alignment, item positioning, item alignment, content alignmentPositioning and alignment
    Each item can be aligned in its containing (parent) item depending on its ’Positioning’ settings. Item...Lees verder >

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