Discount systems & B2B prices

Discount systems & B2B prices

The general rule for given discounts is that the customer only receives the highest possible discount (discounts are not stacked by default).  The only exception on this rule is the Invoice discount that is added on top of the other product discounts.

** Please note that the availability of the below discount systems depend on the taken modules in your project.

  1. Invoice discountInvoice discount
    An invoice discount is a discount on the whole order except the extra order lines (shipping costs/payment costs/etc.)...Lees verder >

  2. Discount on a product frameworkProduct (framework) discount
    Give a discount on the product framework (including all sub products/prices).Lees verder >

  3. Coupon discount optionCoupon discounts
    Create coupon codes that customers can enter to receive an extra Invoice discount. Go to the coupon administration...Lees verder >

  4. Shopping cart rulesShopping cart rules
    With this module it is possible to add free products or give special product discounts depending on the shopping cart...Lees verder >

  5. Volume discountsVolume discounts
    Give a discount on a specific order volume (for example get 10% discount when you order more then 4 products).Lees verder >

  6. Customer discounts, Price agreementsCustomer discounts / price agreements
    These are specific customer discounts (for example when you want to give a specific discount on a product to a...Lees verder >

  7. Action discount groupsAction discount groups
    Create action discount groups (for example a discount group Halloween). You can find this module under the...Lees verder >

  8. Customer discount groupsCustomer discount groups
    Create customer discount groups that you can attach to customers and products. Find this module under the...Lees verder >

  9. Product discount groupsProduct discount groups
    Create Product discount groups that you can attach to customers and products. Find this module under the...Lees verder >

  10. Combination discountsCombination discounts
    Give discounts on ordered product combinations. You can create combi discounts at the ”Action discount...Lees verder >

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