Input radiobox component

Input radiobox component
Input radiobox component

The radio box component is used for submitting radio type selections. It implements value tests, custom designs and navigation designs.

Input radiobox component

The name of the 'radiobox', this name is used as the input 'key' unless a 'input key' value is given.
Description text of the 'radiobox'.
Design template
If available, specific 'input' designs can be selected here.
Input key
This is the 'technical' input name and is optionally used for application and database forms. When the key is blank, the input name is used as the key. Beware that input keys must be unique in a form for the form to function correctly.
Align options
Specifies if the options are aligned vertical or horizontal.

Value test
When selected the given value will be tested. The following options are available,

  • none, the value is not tested.

  • value is compelled, the value is tested for occurrence.

On error text
This is the text that is presented to the user when an error occurred on form post.

Option value table:
This table contains the options for the selectbox

-Use the dropdown box to add values to the table or to clear the table.
-Use the 'recycle-bin' button to remove options from the table.
-Use the 'edit' button to edit options.
-Use the item dropdown boxes to set the order of the options.

Option properties:

Input radiobox component

Option name
The presentation name of the option.
Option value
The posted value when selected.
Option description
The description of the option.

Specifies the initially selected option.

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