Security components

Security components

Xsdot implemented a 3 layer authentication system into its web application server. By using authentication services, it is possible to give access or deny access to users on web servers, web application domains and specific web services or pages. As our web application server is hierarchical based our security system is also hierarchical based, easily apply authentication on web tree nodes.
Read more about security and web services protection in the ‘Xsdot security systems’ section of this site.

  1. user component, web user component, security, authenticationUser component
    The User component represents a single user in an application domain. Single user are mostly maintained for intranet...Read more >

  2. group component, security group component, security, authenticationGroup component
    Administrators can define ‘groups’ that are used for attaching single users or user groups. A group can be granted...Read more >

  3. user group component, user group, web user group, security, authenticationUser group component
    A user group component has been implemented for the storage of large groups of users. User groups are mainly used for...Read more >

  4. user settings, security, authenticationUser settings component
    With the ‘User settings’ service, members of a user group can manage their own settings when implemented.Read more >

  5. logon indicator component, quick logon component, security, authenticationLogin indicator / Quick login
    With this component an application designer can implement a quick logon system or it can be used as an logon...Read more >

  6. who is online service, authenticationWho is online service
    A module that displays the currently online members in an application or user group. The shown members can link to...Read more >

  7. web services anti abuse system, anti abuse system, web abuse , anti web abuse system, securityWeb services anti abuse system
    A huge issue for web applications is the constantly increasing ’web application abuse’. Web application...Read more >

  8. item security properties, item security, security, authenticationItem security properties
    The security property page controls the items security. The security consists out of authentication and encryption....Read more >

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