Attribute components

Attribute components
Attribute components

An open variable and attribute system has been developed for assigning complex attribute systems to products and pages.
The variables and attributes are used for the page/product extended search modules, product selection modules and product wizards.

The systems are created in a hierarchical tree so any complex attribute system can be build.

Xsdot variable & attribute components

  1. variable group component, attributes, variablesVariable group
    A variable group component is the root element of a variable and attribute system. By defining variable groups,...Read more >

  2. variable, variables, attributesVariable
    A variable component represents a single or multi option variable, a variable contains multiple attributes.Read more >

  3. attribute, attributesAttribute
    An attribute is a component that is assignable to products and pages. Attributes are grouped into variables that are...Read more >

  4. attribute view, attributesAttribute view
    Shows a table or list of attributes in a page or product, it shows the linked variables and attributes of the page or...Read more >

  5. item list, attributesItem list
    An item list component presents a list of items (pages or products) depending on a linked ‘Item search client’ or...Read more >

  6. item search, attributes, attribute search, search, advanced searchItem search
    The item search enables a visitor or customer to search or select items (pages and products) by selecting variables...Read more >

  7. item search client, attributes, advanced searchItem search client
    The item search client enables a visitor or customer to search or select items (pages and products) by selecting...Read more >

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