Item extended properties

Item extended properties

The extended property page contains the items additional link name, handle, item state, smart link keywords, meta keywords and search index options.

Content management - Item extended properties

Additional link name

When an item is presented in a list or as a link, the link will show the items title by default. With the additional link name option it is possible the create a link name that differs from the items name.

Item identifier / handle

An item’s 'handle' or 'identifier' is a key that is used to call the item in a design template or as a 'url' in a browser. An item handle is commonly used by designer for creating templates.
Example calling an item by handle with a 'url' in a browser,
First the item must be given a 'handle', go to the items 'Extended properties' and give it a 'handle' name. ('new-handle' as example).
You can now call the item as 'url' as follows,

When two items are given the same handle, the system will return the one that is found first. 

Item state

The item state property is used to control the items on/off state.
Enabled The item is enabled (functional and visible).
Enabled (exclude for pdf) The item is enabled but invisible in the PDF generator.
Disabled The item is disabled.
By date The item state is controlled by given date (Use dd-mm-yyyy format)

Smartlink keywords

By using smartlinks it is possible to replace specific keywords in your content. Smartlinks work global per application domain.
For example when entering a smartlink ‘hallo’ all words ‘hello’ in your content will link to this item.
Use the ‘;’ as a delimiter to enter multiple smartlinks.

Additional meta keywords

The meta keywords have two functions,

  1. Meta keywords are presented in the page meta data for search engines.
  2. Meta keywords are searchable by the application search engine. For example, if you want your content to be searchable by specific keywords that are not used in your content you can add these keywords in this field.
Content management - Meta keyword editor

Index for local

This check box controls whether an item is indexed by the local search engine (depending on the search service settings).

Properties settings in item menu

Extended properties settings are also partly available directly in the item menus.

Item extended properties menu
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