Template service

Template service

This service is used by designers to create design definitions for the Xsdot application platform, services and components. The template service is an open template definition that is used to store all design templates like (x)Html, Javascript, Stylesheets, etc.
The template component is also used for placing html parts into content.

Content management - Template service


The title or name of the template service.


The description of the template service.

Template type

For defining and storing Xsdot template types, the following options are available:
Html template html/xhtml template.
Cell template Xsdot service cell template.
Page template Xsdot service page template.
Navigation template Xsdot service navigation template.
Service template Xsdot service template
Javascript template Javascript template.
Style sheet template Style sheet template
Text template Text template
Template with replacement tags Template supporting system replacement tags
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