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Xsdot Mailing services

Online e-mailing systems are widely used by companies today for communicating information (news, events, marketing material, etc.) with their customers, prospects and employees. With Xsdot’s e-mailing system content managers can easily create and manage mailing documents and post them to individual users or user-groups. By combining several eMailing services (like registration, user-group and channel services) any eMailing system can be architected on the fly corresponding  the business needs. Go to 'Xsdot Mailing system' for more information.

  1. mailing document, mailing document service, emailing document, news letter documentMailing document service
    This service is used to create an eMail document that can be posted to one or more eMailing user groups and or...Lees verder >

  2. mailing type service, mailing type component, emailing typeMailing type service
    Mailing types or channels are used to define mailing interests and categories (for example corporate news, events,...Lees verder >

  3. mailing registration services, mailing registration components, emailing registration, registrationMailing registration service
    Administrators can easily define several emailing registration systems for external user groups (internet) and...Lees verder >

  4. mailing user group, mailing user group service, emailing user groupMailing user group service
    Mailing users and user groups are easily maintained and tracked by the content manager using various administration...Lees verder >

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