Link component

Link component

The link service has additional functions to the links that are created with the content service. The link service can for example contain special designs and has options to target a link to a new window or popup with specific sizes.

Content management - Xsdot Graphic and media services

Link name

The title or name of the link service.

Link description

The description of the link service.

Design template

Enables to select alternate designs for the link service.

Link type

Specifies whether the link is internal, external or internal by handle.
Internal For linking to an internal resource.
External For linking to an external resource.
Internal by handle For linking to an internal resource using a handle.

Link location

Enter the location for an external link or select the location for an internal link.

Link target

Specify the target of the link,
Open in same window Open in same window
Open in new window Open in new window
Open in popup Open in popup
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