Item container service

Item container service

The item container is a service that is used to structure elements (other services) in a container. The container can contain navigation (interaction design) parts depending on the implemented templates. Because of the open nature of this service/function many containers and interaction designs can be created. For example item viewers (image viewers, movie viewers, etc.) and menus (vertical and horizontal tabs, etc.)

Content management - Item container service


The title or name of the container service.


The description of the container service.

Design template

For selecting the design / interaction design definition.

Cast child meta data

This option enables to extend the page meta data with the selected container item meta data in several ways.

  • Disabled          
    The meta data casting is disabled.

  • Replace page meta data
    The page meta data is replaced by the selected item in the container.

  • Extend page title, extend rest
    Adds the selected container item title to the page title and replaced the description and meta keywords.

  • Extend all page metadata
    Adds the selected container item’s meta title, description and keywords to the page meta data.
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