Debug logging data

Debug logging data

Shows a table containing all data that is logged and used by the statistics engine per day. This module also enables a content manager to look at the actions per session (visitor).

Data table

# Row number.
Date - time The date and time the session started.
Dom-id - Domain The visited domain id and domain name of the session.
Host - address The host name and ip address of the session.
Agent The user agent of the session.
Type* The type of the session.

Type table

0 Unauthenticated session.
3 Authenticated session.
4 Robot session.


Group items Enable or disable the grouping filter.
View undefined users Shows undefined users.
View defined users Shows defined users.
View robots Shows robots.
Click on session row Shows table of actions.

Actions table

Show a list of action performed by the selected session
# Number.
Date / time Date time of the action performed.
Type Type of action.
Name Name of the item of the performed action.

Click on the action to go to the belonging item.

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