Page tools

Page tools

The PDF server component handles all the PDF requests, it implements selectable (custom) design templates for the pages, books, products, catalogs, order invoices and offers. One application domain can contain one or more PDF server components.

Print page

The print page module opens and prints a page without the navigation part of the site.
Extra design elements or styles can be implemented by using custom templates.

Mail page

The mail page module is used for posting pages, products, content and other information to a single mail box.
The receiver gets an email with the link of the posted resource. The email can be customized in the CMS and its style can be changed by using custom Xsdot template. The mail page module is available in a ajax and a none ajax version.

Download PDF page

A PDF page is created out of any Xsdot content pages. It implements default and custom made design templates for the creation of custom house styles.

Download PDF book

The Download PDF book module creates a book containing multiple pages, a book index and a book cover. It implements default and custom made design templates for the creation of custom made house styles.

Font size module

Enables a visitor to change the font size used in the web site or application.

Share it

Enables a visitor to share a page on the internet by using several ‘share it’ web sites.

Add to favorites

Enables a visitor to add a page to it’s browsers favorites.

Site map

Represents a web site or application in the form of a site map.

Page QRCode

Display or download QRCode that links to a page, product or folder. Scan QRCode to open page, product or folder online.

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