Online backup services

Online backup services

To protect application data, Xsdot has implemented local and remote backup services. The backups are stored incremental to save storage space, also the backup services can be setup using various backup occurrences (daily, weekly, etc). To protect the data from third parties it is stored using three encryption methods/layers and when a backup is transported it is secured by an extra encryption layer.

Xsdot backup & recovery services

  1. local online backup service, local backup service, web backup, backupLocal online backup service
    The local backup services is a standard backup facility that prepares a daily backup on a server locally. The...Lees verder >

  2. backup service, online backup service, remote online backup service, web server backup, backupRemote online backup service
    The remote backup services are used to make backups remotely through the internet, basiclally any Xsdot application...Lees verder >

  3. backup download service, backup decryption service, backupBackup download and decryption service
    The backup download and decryption service enables a server administrator to download application domain backups...Lees verder >

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