E-card services

E-card services

Xsdot e-Cards is a flexible and powerful e-card system that enables web site owners to place and administrate e-cards in their sites.
The following options are available,

  • A website user can select e-cards and e-card categories.
  • Implements anti web abuse system.
  • International character sets supported.
  • User can insert own e-Card title and text.
  • User can select fonts and colors.

e-Card examples

e-Card example
e-Card example

Xsdot e-card web services

  1. ecard post system, post ecardse-Card post web service
    Insert an e-card post web service to enable website users to edit and post e-cards.Lees verder >

  2. ecard, animated ecard, static ecarde-Card web service
    Place Xsdot eCard web services to eCards in your websites and applications.Lees verder >

  3. ecard, ecard administratione-Card administration system
    Administrate the ecards that website users have posted.Lees verder >

  4. ecard category, ecard containere-Card category
    A service for defining e-card categories, furthermore the e-card category is as a container for e-cards.Lees verder >

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