CRM & financial services

Xsdot CRM and Financial services

Xsdot’s application server contains standard CRM and financial services that can be extended with custom made services to develop or implement a complete solution.

Xsdot CRM and financial services are primarily used in CRM, eCommerce, Internet sites and Security & authentication solutions.

More information about Xsdot CRM & financial applications can be found in the Xsdot occupations section.

  1. crm user groups, crm web user groups, crmCRM user groups
    The CRM user groups are used for instance to define management groups, customer groups and employee groups.Lees verder >

  2. user information and settings, user information, user settings, settings, crmUser information & settings
    After a user is authenticated on a site, the user can review and maintain his own information and settings online....Lees verder >

  3. crm support services, crm mailing services, crm, support, mailingOnline support and mail services
    This service enables a customer or relation to request support tickets online, an administrator or employee can ...Lees verder >

  4. project services, project components, crmProject services
    Xsdot project services enable businesses or administrators to define projects and store project related documents or...Lees verder >

  5. agenda services, crm agenda services, appointment services, crm, agenda, appointmentAgenda & appointment services
    Agenda services are used to make appointments with customers and relations. The customer or relation is enabled to...Lees verder >

  6. rma services, rma, crm, return merchandise authorization, return material authorizationRMA services
    RMA (return merchandise authorization or return material authorization) is a transaction whereby the recipient...Lees verder >

  7. invoice administation component, invoice administation, financialInvoice administration
    Xsdot’s invoice administration module is a complete online invoice system that is used by administrators or by...Lees verder >

  8. offer administration, administration, financialOffer administration
    Xsdot‘s offer administration module is a complete online offer system that is used by administrators or by the Xsdot...Lees verder >

  9. payment services, payment components, financialOnline payment services
    Xsdot online payment services enable a customer or relation to pay invoices or offers online by using online payment...Lees verder >

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