Content components

Xsdot content management system

Xsdot developed a standard set of content components that are used in Xsdot's content management system. A content management system is a set of processes that are used to create and publish rich web documents (See Xsdot content management systems for more information).

The below given content services are easily extended with custom made services and seamlessly integrate with other Xsdot services.

Xsdot - Content components

  1. page service, page component, xsdot page service, web page service, web page componentPage service
    The page service represents an empty framework that is used for creating web pages. By default a web page service is...Lees verder >

  2. content service, content component, web content component, text service, text componentContent service
    The content service is used for creating text elements in for example pages. It contains a wysiwyg (‘what you see is...Lees verder >

  3. image service, image component, web image service, web image component, xsdot image serviceImage service
    The image service is used for placing images in web site content and web site design templates. The image service...Lees verder >

  4. graphic service, image service, graphic component, image component, web image component, web graphic component, xsdot graphic componentGraphic service
    The graphic service is used to insert internal and external graphics into the content of a site. Internal graphics...Lees verder >

  5. link service, link component, web link service, web link component, xsdot link componentLink service
    The link service has additional functions to the links that are created with the content service. The link service...Lees verder >

  6. folder service, folder component, web folder service, web folder component, xsdot folder componentFolder service
    The folder service is an empty container to store other elements and has for the rest no special functionalities. The...Lees verder >

  7. file service, file component, web file service, web file component, xsdot file componentFile service
    With the file service it is possible to place and publish files into content and applications. All file types are...Lees verder >

  8. item container service, item container component, web item container, xsdot item container componentItem container service
    The item container is a service that is used to structure elements (other services) in a container. The container can...Lees verder >

  9. item view, item view service, item view component, web item view, xsdot item view componentItem view service
    An item view service is used to put a view on an item or a groups of items, the view service presents the item or...Lees verder >

  10. pdf service, pdf component, web pdf service, xsdot pdf componentPDF service
    Xsdot developed a PDF output system for the creation of high resolution folders, books and product catalogs used for...Lees verder >

  11. table, table service, table component, web table, xsdot table componentTable component
    A generic table component has been developed for for the presentation of tables in content pages. It implements ajax...Lees verder >

  12. template service, web template, template component, web template component, xsdot template componentTemplate service
    This service is used by designers to create design definitions for the Xsdot application platform, services and...Lees verder >

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