Xsdot search & index system

Xsdot search & index system

Search and index services are used for placing search services in websites and web applications. Xsdot’s application server contains several standard and advanced search services that are used for searching content, communities and ecommerce web products.

Search and index components

  1. advanced search, search, web search, website search, product search, community searchAdvanced search
    The advanced search system enables visitors and customers to easily find content pages, products and community...Lees verder >

  2. search, web search, website searchSearch
    A basic search service for searching website and web shop content. This search system is suitable for small sites...Lees verder >

  3. keyword index services, keyword administration, keyword index, search, s.e.o., seoKeyword administration service
    The ’keyword index’ service or tool is used for indexing keywords and web pages.Lees verder >

  4. keyword index, search, index, seoKeyword index
    The keyword index web services presents all keywords found in a web site or application in alphabetic order. Select...Lees verder >

  5. index root, search, index, seoIndex root
    For defining a index root in a web site or web applications. Use several index roots to define multiple keyword...Lees verder >

  6. search suggestion, search, searchKeyword search suggestion
    The search suggestion tool shows search suggestions based on the given characters or search phrases given by visitors...Lees verder >

  7. keyword index robot, search, index, seoKeyword index robot
    The keyword index robot automatically indexes keywords and pages found in the index roots of a websites.Lees verder >

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