Xsdot content components

Xsdot content components

Xsdot developed a standard set of content components that are used in Xsdot's content management system. A content management system is a set of processes that are used to create and publish rich web documents (See Xsdot content management systems for more information).

The below given content services are easily extended with custom made services and seamlessly integrate with other Xsdot services. Xsdot's application server is the worlds only true hierarchical component based web server, enabling content managers to freely place components and services in a tree based document structure.

HTML5 CMS editor

HTML5 CMS editor

Easily create and modify HTML5 tags like for example article, section and figure.
With the ‘show semantics’ tools it is possible to view the HTML5 structure of the page and edit it directly. 

The tools furthermore show other important (SEO) tags and attributes like bold, strong, headers, and images alt tags.

Page service

The page service represents an empty framework that is used for creating web pages. By default a web page service is indexed by the internal search engine and web pages are published to external search engines when using a ‘Search engine publisher’ service. For the rest the page service includes a meta keyword editor for S.E.O. purposes.

Content service

Xsdot content service

The content service is used for creating text elements in for example pages. It contains a wysiwyg (‘what you see is what you get’) editor and contains many functions to create rich content.
Font functions
Font functions enable a content manager to apply font styles like bold, italic, underlined, tabs, bullets and lists.
Linking functions
Create internal and internal managed links. Managed links are tested existence, every night a report is generated listing all broken links to external sites and other sources.
Wrapped functions
The content can be wrapped around other Xsdot services and components.
Filter functions
When copy pasting content from other web sites or text editors like Microsoft Word the content many times has wrong and unsupported html code. The content service filters non xhtml standard code to ensure technically correct web sites.

Image service

CMS graphic and media services

The image service is used for placing images in web site content and web site design templates. The image service implements the following functions,
Conversion functions
All images are automatically scaled to the correct size and correct internet format. Many formats are supported like, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and PSD.

Cropping, aspect ratio and size
The image services contains tools to crop images and resize images, furthermore it is possible to change an image’s aspect ratio.

Image link target

Images can link to many targets like internal links, external links, downloadable image, image in new window, image in popup and image in AJAX window.

Image filters

These filters are used to apply styles to images, for example watermarks, black & white filters, color filters, image matte, etc.

Images for S.E.O.
Images can be used for S.E.O. by publishing additional image properties or meta data.
Tip: Use the ‘File import’ tool to upload multiple images at once. The ‘File import’ tool enables to drag & drop images from Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

Graphic service

The graphic service is used to insert internal and external graphics into the content of a site. Internal graphics are for example Flash, small movies, Java applets, etc. External graphics are used to for example embed Youtube movies and external flash objects.
The graphic service enables an administrator to upload graphics as standalone files or as zip packages that include several files used by a main graphic element.
Tip: Use the ‘File import’ tool to upload multiple files at once. The ‘File import’ tool enables to drag & drop files from Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

Link service

The link service has additional functions to the links that are created with the content service. The link service can for example have special designs and has options to target a link to a new window or popup.

Folder service

The folder service is an empty container to store other elements and has for the rest no special functionalities. The folder service is mostly used to structure content, pages and other services in a web application.

File service

With the file service it is possible to place and publish files into content and applications. All file types are supported, the files are presented as small or large icons including for example file name, size, description, owner and creation date. Share with user groups by using Xsdot’s Security & authentication system. Files are furthermore used in design templates as design elements.

Item container service

The item container is a service that is used to structure elements (other services) in a container. The container can contain navigation (interaction design) elements depending on the used templates. Because of the open nature of this service/function many containers and interaction designs can be created. For example item viewers (image viewers, movie viewers, etc.) and menus (vertical and horizontal tabs, etc.)

Item view service

An item view service is used to put a view on an item or a groups of items, the view service presents the item or items using a design and interaction design definition stored in a template. Because of the open nature of this service/function this service is used for many presentation purposes depending on the used templates. In general the item view service is used for the following functions,

  • To show an item or group of items on another location in a site or application.
  • For the creation of menus, link lists and content lists.

PDF service

Xsdot developed a PDF output system for the creation of high resolution folders, books and product catalogs used for offline printing strait out of the websites content. Different designs templates and page sizes can be implemented per site or application.

Template service

This service is used by designers to create design definitions for the Xsdot application platform, services and components. The template service is an open template definition that is used to store all design templates like (x)Html, Javascript, Stylesheets, etc.

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