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Xsdot - Item properties introduction

Every service, component or item in the Xsdot application server derives a standard set of properties that are used to control the item’s presentation, order, design, positioning, security and more. The properties of an item can be accessed by selecting the right mouse button on a selected item. Click on the property options in the menu to access the property pages. Some property options are directly available in the property menus or other controls. The next chapters give information about the available property pages.

Xsdot - Service property components

  • Xsdot - Item properties introductionXsdot - Item properties introduction
    Every item in the Xsdot application server derives a standard set of properties that are used to control the item’s presentation,...

  • Item general propertiesItem general properties
    The general properties contain the items name, description, service category, service type, owner, creation date and modification...

  • Item extended propertiesItem extended properties
    The extended service property page contains the items additional link name, handle, item state, smart link keywords, meta...

  • Item presentation and designItem presentation and design
    The presentation and design properties control how an item presented. The items design consists out of three elements.

  • Item positioning and alignmentItem positioning and alignment
    These properties control the item’s positioning and alignments. The item alignments control the item alignment itself and its...

  • Child presentation and alignmentChild presentation and alignment
    Each item controls the way its child items are presented and aligned. Children can be presented as ‘links’, ‘content’ or hidden.

  • Item child orderItem child order
    The child order controls the order of the item’s child elements.

  • Item responsive propertiesItem responsive properties
    These properties control the item’s behavior in mobile and tablet devices.

  • Item security and authenticationItem security and authentication
    The security property page controls the items security. The security consists out of authentication and encryption. By default...

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