PDF components

PDF Components

PDF services are used to produce Adobe®  PDF (Printable document format) documents out of Xsdot’s application server content, products, orders, offers and invoices.

Print shops can download the printable folders, books and catalogs straight out of a website, portal or web shop, excluding the need for extra design and layout costs. Different designs and page sizes can be implemented per site or application.

Xsdot PDF components

  • pdf server, web pdf server, pdfPDF server
    The PDF server component handles all the PDF requests, it implements selectable (custom) design templates for the pages, books,...

  • pdf page, pdf folder, pdfPDF Page
    A PDF page is created out of any Xsdot content pages. It implements default and custom made design templates for the creation of...

  • pdf book, pdfPDF Book
    The PDF book service creates a book containing multiple pages, a book index and a book cover. It implements default and custom...

  • pdf product, pdfPDF Product
    A PDF product is created out of Xsdot eCommerce products. The product PDF typically represents a product folder including product...

  • pdf catalog, pdf product catalog, pdfPDF Catalog
    A PDF catalog creates PDF product catalogs, it implements a product index, catalog cover and product pages. Custom made design...

  • order pdf, invoice pdf, offer pdf, pdfPDF Order - invoice - offer
    This PDF service creates invoice and offer PDF files that are used in the Xsdot eCommerce and financial services. Custom made...

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