Monitor & alarm services

Xsdot monitor and alarm services

Monitor & alarm services are used to alarm web application owners and system engineers when a web server or web service is not functioning properly. All Xsdot services are freely place-able and combinable, enabling to architect any monitor and alarm system online.

See 'Xsdot security system' and 'Xsdot server components' for more information.

Xsdot monitor & alarm services

  • alarm manager, alarmAlarm manager service
    With the alarm manager a system engineer can define what types of alarms are fired depending on the defined monitors and events.

  • application monitor service, web application monitor service, web service monitor, monitorApplication monitor service
    The monitor service is used for monitoring web servers and web applications. Servers and applications can be added and changed on...

  • sms notification service, email notification service, sms, emailSMS & eMail notification service
    This service is used to post emails or SMS notifications to system engineers when errors occur. This service is also used by...

  • temperature module, humidity module, web temperature module, web humidity module, temperature, humidityTemperature & humidity service
    This service enables the connection of several temperature and humidity sensors on a server. This service can be used by the...

  • output module service, electronic switch, electronic web switch, electronicOutput module service
    The Xsdot output module enables the connection of hardware output switches on a server. This module is used by the Alarm manager...

  • input module service, web switch, electronic web input module, electronic web input switch, electronicInput module service
    The Xsdot input module enables the connection of hardware input switches on a server. This module is used by the Alarm manager to...

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