Attribute components

Variable & attribute components
Variable & attribute components

An open variable and attribute system has been developed for assigning complex attribute systems to products and pages.

The variables and attributes are used for the page/product extended search modules, product selection modules and product wizards.

The systems are created in a hierarchical tree so any complex attribute system can be build.

Xsdot variable & attribute components

  • variable group component, attributes, variablesVariable group
    A variable group component is the root element of a variable and attribute system. By defining variable groups, multiple variable...

  • variable, variables, attributesVariable
    A variable component represents a single or multi option variable, a variable contains multiple attributes.

  • attribute, attributesAttribute
    An attribute is a component that is assignable to products and pages. Attributes are grouped into variables that are used by...

  • attribute view, attributesAttribute view
    Shows a table or list of attributes in a page or product, it shows the linked variables and attributes of the page or product.

  • attribute list, attributesAttribute list
    The attribute list components represents a list or hierarchical list of attributes depending on the selected variables and...

  • item view, attributesItem view
    An item view component places a list of items (pages or products) in web page or web application depending on the selected...

  • item list, attributesItem list
    An item list component presents a list of items (pages or products) depending on a linked ‘Item search client’ or ‘Attribute...

  • item search, attributes, attribute search, search, advanced searchItem search
    The item search enables a visitor or customer to search or select items (pages and products) by selecting variables or attributes...

  • item search client, attributes, advanced searchItem search client
    The item search client enables a visitor or customer to search or select items (pages and products) by selecting variables or...

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