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Every web site owner wants more traffic and higher rankings in the search engines to get more visitors, customers, prospects and eventually more profit.

This is accomplished by S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization), online marketing (internet marketing) and other marketing practices. Xsdot primarily facilitates its customers with S.E.O. and online marketing services.

Online marketing

Online marketing is a method to get targeted visitors, customers and prospects to a website. The easiest way to practice online marketing is to place advertisements on other websites (banners, advertorials) or search engines (Google Adwords, Yahoo, Microsoft live). Xsdot analyzes a business or website to decide what type of customers are needed to make more sales, leads and profit for that specific business.


Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) is a set of methods, strategies and techniques for optimizing internet pages for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live search. Optimized pages are index-able (searchable) for relevant content and are technically correct for search engines.

S.E.O. has become a very popular marketing subject nowadays. Endless courses, books, educations and specialized companies have been released on the market; marketers spend lots of time and money on S.E.O.; the larger companies even hire fulltime specialized employees covering this subject.

One of the ideas behind S.E.O. is that when a page is optimized better for search engines compared to its competitor's, the search engines rank it higher. Pages that have higher rankings get more traffic (customers, prospects, sales), that the competitors would have got instead.

Like normal marketing, S.E.O. is a very creative practice that costs a lot of time and effort. The so called ‘low budged’ (~$50) S.E.O. packages that are provided by many S.E.O. companies today normally give little or no effect at all. Mostly they only submit your site to 500+ search engines with the result that your site maybe gets more traffic from those search engines (robots) for a short time which of course is irrelevant.

Xsdot’s S.E.O. includes a wide range of techniques and methods that make your websites optimized for search engines and human readers. We also service special practices for getting your sites ranked higher then your competitors. Below are given some of our optimization methods.

Keywords optimization

It is very important to have the correct keywords in your content (text). When your pages don’t include the keywords that reflect your products or services, the search engines will not index those keywords and will therefore not present your pages when customers or prospects are looking for your products and services. After analyzing your products and services, Xsdot will create a list containing the keywords that a customer would use when making a query in a search engine. These keywords are then further used to create or optimize your content pages for search engines and human readers.

Website code optimizing

Search engines rank pages higher that contain correct code against pages with in-correct code. This is similar to when you would select a product with correct spelling in its descriptions against a product containing wrong spelling in its description. Xsdot validates your web pages code and corrects them when needed.

Content optimization and analyses

Optimizing content is a very important part of S.E.O. not only does the content need to contain the selected keywords for search engines, but it also has to be readable and attractive for ‘human’ customers. Xsdot analyzes your content and gives advice on how to improve your content.

Site submitment

When a site is fully optimized, it can be submitted to all relevant search engines. Xsdot submits your site to the search engines and also checks if the search engines have indexed your website.

Comparing competition

Xsdot analyzes why a competitor’s site is ranked higher or lower then your site. After the analyses a report is created showing what points make the competitor’s website more or less important then yours (from a search engine point of view). With this report your website can be optimized further to get on top of your competitor.

Site ranking

Xsdot creates ranking reports for the most relevant search engines for your website using the selected keywords. These ranking reports can be used to evaluate and track your S.E.O. campaigns.

More than S.E.O.

On top of the above standard S.E.O. techniques Xsdot also delivers specialized long term S.E.O. marketing methods for getting or keeping your site on top of your competitors sites. Xsdot also gives advice on choosing banner campaigns, pay per click campaigns, link building campaigns, search engine advertisements, etc.

Other marketing practices

Xsdot furthermore practices business development, product development, trademark registrations, branding, etc.

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