Xsdot Statistics & Analytics system

Xsdot Statistics & Analytics

Website and or application statistics are a powerful tool for providing a business or website owner with statistics about visitors, robots, customers, prospects and employees. Statistics are used for example to monitor market changes, content and services quality and user behavior.

Xsdot’s statistics system is integrated with its whole web application platform making the statistics data more reliable and more accessible compared to external statistics systems.

Because the statistics data is directly linked to the content, applications, users, visitors and actions, it is easy to track what content a specific user is visiting or what actions a specific user is performing on an application. Furhtermore the integration enables a content or application manager to directly navigate from content, users and service to its statistics and back.

Another benefit is that unlike other statistics systems it is not needed to integrate the statistics per page or item, when for example new users, customers, products or pages are created they are immediately available in the statistics system.

The Xsdot statistics platform is build up with the following 4 main components,

Statistics logging service

This service stores every action taken per visitor, user or robot in a database. This process runs asynchronously so the website or application performance is not affected. Because all data is stored in a database it is easy to make queries on visitors, users and robots in any timeframe afterwards.

Statistics task service

Because the daily amount of data is enormous and the statistics filter engine is complex all data is processed every night for the later use by the statistics presentation modules, this makes drilling in the statistics data much faster because the data is already split and filtered per module (the data is half baked ready for drilling).

Statistics filters

The statistics filters are used to distinguish real user sessions from spam, robot and abuse sessions. The filters split the data into raw sessions, robot sessions, visitors and users that are selectable in the statistics ‘drill’ modules. With the Xsdot statistics system all types of sessions can be presented, this way a marketing manager may show the outside world the ‘raw’ sessions (for example 1.000.000/month) and give its company the real visitor numbers (for example 250.000/month).

Xsdot filter statistics

Statistics drill modules

These modules show the statistics in a selected time frame (day, week, month, year) which the statistics task service has calculated and filtered out of the logging data. The following modules are available,

 Sessions & actions
 Sessions & actions averages
 Filter statistics
 Filter statistics averages
 Top entry items
 Top exit items
 Top items
 Top countries
 File downloads
 Item statistics
 External queries

 Internal queries
 External link test report
 Internal link test report
 E-Mailing statistics
 E-Commerce statistics
 User and user group statistics
 Community statistics
 Robot statistics
 Referrer statistics
 System statistics
 Logging data statistics

Xsdot - statistics module documentation

  • Xsdot - Statistics introductionXsdot - Statistics introduction
    Website and or application statistics are a powerful tool for providing a business or website owner with statistics about...

  • Sessions and actionsSessions and actions
    The sessions and actions statistics show sessions (unique visitors) and actions (for example page clicks) in a chosen time frame...

  • Sessions & actions averagesSessions & actions averages
    Gives the average statistics of unique visitors (sessions) and their actions in a chosen time frame (year, month, week, etc.)....

  • Filter statisticsFilter statistics
    Shows the filter statistics in a given time frame. Enables to compare raw sessions with filtered sessions (grouping and robot...

  • Filter averagesFilter averages
    Gives the average statistics of the grouping and robot filters in a chosen time frame (year, month, week, etc.). For example a...

  • Top exit itemsTop exit items
    Gives a list of the top exit items in a given time frame.

  • Top entry itemsTop entry items
    Gives a list of top entry items in a given time frame.

  • Top itemsTop items
    Gives a list of the visitors top countries in a given time frame

  • Top countriesTop countries
    Gives a list of the top items in a given time frame.

  • Top file downloadsTop file downloads
    Gives a list of the top downloads in a given time frame.

  • Item statisticsItem statistics
    Gives the statistics of a specific item/page in a given time frame. You can select the item or page in the item browser/tree.

  • External queriesExternal queries
    Show a table of queries (keywords) that where made by the visitors at search engines.

  • Internal queriesInternal queries
    These are the queries (keywords) that where done by the visitors at the local content and community search.

  • External link testExternal link test
    Shows a list of broken links found in the application content. All links found in the application content are tested once per day.

  • E-Commerce statisticsE-Commerce statistics
    Gives statistics for ecommerce and financial applications in the selected time frame.

  • Referrer statisticsReferrer statistics
    Gives a list of the top referrers (websites or applications that link to your site) in the selected time frame.

  • System statisticsSystem statistics
    Gives a list of used Xsdot software services in the selected application domain.

  • Debug logging dataDebug logging data
    Shows a table containing all data that is logged and used by the statistics engine per day. This module also enables a content...

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