Attribute, attributes


An attribute is a component that is assignable to products and pages. Attributes are grouped into variables that are used by visitors or customers to drill down and search for products and content pages.

Attribute, attributes.

Web link: Attribute.

Attribute components, attribute systems, attribute search systems

Attribute components

An open variable and attribute system has been developed for assigning complex attribute systems to products and pages.

Attribute components, attribute systems, attribute search systems.

Web link: Attribute components.

Attribute list, attributes

Attribute list

The attribute list components represents a list or hierarchical list of attributes depending on the selected variables and available products and pages that implement these attributes.

Attribute list, attributes.

Web link: Attribute list.

Attribute view, attributes

Attribute view

Shows a table or list of attributes in a page or product, it shows the linked variables and attributes of the page or product.

Attribute view, attributes.

Web link: Attribute view.

Item search, attributes, attribute search, search, advanced search

Item search

The item search enables a visitor or customer to search or select items (pages and products) by selecting variables or attributes or by using keywords.

Item search, attributes, attribute search, search, advanced search.

Web link: Item search.

Variable group component, attributes, variables

Variable group

A variable group component is the root element of a variable and attribute system. By defining variable groups, multiple variable and attribute systems can be created in a web application.

Variable group component, attributes, variables.

Web link: Variable group.

Item list, attributes

Item list

An item list component presents a list of items (pages or products) depending on a linked ‘Item search client’ or ‘Attribute selection’ item.

Item list, attributes.

Web link: Item list.

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