Form component

Form component, form framework, form service, forms, form

Form component

Building a form starts with a ’Form component’, it serves as a framework for the form elements. It is possible to place multiple forms in pages, panels and other forms.

Form component, form framework, form service, forms, form.

Web link: Form component.

Form component, form panel, dynamic forms

Form panel

A form panel is used for making dynamic forms. Dynamic forms are forms that change depending on the selected options by the users.

Form component, form panel, dynamic forms.

Web link: Form panel.

Date picker

The date picker is a simple date component for selecting dates in forms. The date pickers supports several date formats depending on the user settings.

Form component, date picker, form, forms, input date.

Web link: Date picker.

Multi checkbox

A multi checkbox is used for placing vertical or horizontal lists of checkboxes in web forms.

Form component, multi checkbox, form, forms, input checkbox.

Web link: Multi checkbox.

Validation image | captcha image

Place a form validation image to block robots or abusers from abusing web forms. This web services presents a captcha image to the user.

Form component, validation image, captcha image, anit web abuse, forms.

Web link: Validation image | captcha image.

Color picker

The color picker web service is used for placing color pickers in web forms or web applications. A user can easily select a color by mouse using a color spectrum.

Color picker, Form component, forms, input color.

Web link: Color picker.

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