Development, custom made services, custom made development, web development, custom web development

Xsdot - Custom made services & development

It is always possible to order new standard or custom made functionalities or services to extend or improve your applications and websites.

Development, custom made services, custom made development, web development, custom web development.

Web link: Xsdot - Custom made services & development.

Web development, web based, software development, java, java development

Web based software development

By combining tailor-made and standard services Xsdot rapidly develops and delivers any tailor-made Web based software solution.

Web development, web based, software development, java, java development.

Web link: Web based software development.

Intranet development, extranet development

Intranet & extranet development

Xsdot develops and implements intranets & extranets to automate businesses and organistions internally and externally.

Intranet development, extranet development.

Web link: Intranet & extranet development.

Web development | web applications | web services

The best choice for web applications, web services and web development of e-commerce, content management and other web applications.

Xsdot, application services, web development, web services.

Web link: Web development | web applications | web services.

Xsdot web application services & development

Xsdot is a web development company that occupies itself with the development of internet, intranet, extranet, e-commerce and custom web based applications.

Web development, web services, web applications, ecommerce, content management, websites, intranet, crm, xsdot.

Web link: Xsdot web application services & development.

Web development price list

A web project price depends on factors like complexity, needed time, needed resources (employment, services, third parties, etc) and project re-usability

Web link: Web development price list.

Crm development, financial applications

CRM & Financial applications

Manage your customers and financial administration online using our standard and custom made CRM & financial modules.

Crm development, financial applications.

Web link: CRM & Financial applications.

About Xsdot

Xsdot implements & develops web based services.

About xsdot, about adev, adev advanced development.

Web link: About Xsdot.

Ecommerce, b2b, b2c, webshop

B2C & B2B eCommerce solutions

Sophisticated eCommerce web shops (B2C), financial eCommerce systems and custom business to business (B2B) development.

Ecommerce, b2b, b2c, webshop.

Web link: B2C & B2B eCommerce solutions.

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