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Xsdot heeft vele web-based services ontwikkeld die eenvoudig geplaatst en onderhouden kunnen worden met onze hiërarchische web applicatie server.
Alle services en componenten bestaan uit ‘managed web services’ (SAAS), ze draaien in een beveiligde omgeving zonder dat ze systeembeheer of onderhoud vereisen.
Alle Xsdot web services zijn compatible, herbruikbaar, en kloonbaar. Plaats eenvoudigweg de web services die benodigd zijn om een webapplicatie of webproject  te architecturen.

Hieronder volgt een lijst met onze meest gebruikte web services en componenten.

Xsdot web services (Engels)

  • content components, web content components, content management components, content , content management, java content componentsContent components (12)
    Xsdot content services are easily extended with custom made services and seamlessly integrate with other Xsdot services.

  • ecommerce components, ecommerce services, webshop components, webshop services, ecommerce, webshop, java ecommerce services, java webshop, java ecommerceeCommerce components (37)
    Xsdot has many eCommerce components that you can use to architect any complex eCommerce solution.

  • crm components, crm services, crm web components, crm web services, financial components, financial services, crm, financialCRM & financial services (9)
    Xsdot has many standard CRM & financial components, that combined with custom made services become your CRM & financial business solutions.

  • mailing services, mailing components, emailing services, emailing components, mailing , emailing, java mailing components, java newsletter, newsletterMailing components (4)
    Online e-mailing systems are widely used by companies today for communicating information (news, events, marketing material, etc.) with their customers,...

  • e-cards, ecards, java ecardsE-card services (4)
    Xsdot e-Cards is a flexible and powerful e-card system that enables web site owners to place and administrate e-cards in their sites.

  • search, index, keyword index, website search, content search, product search, community search, java searchSearch and index services (7)
    Search and index services are used for placing search services in websites and web applications.

  • community components, web 2.0 components, community services, web 2.0 services, forum, blog, java forum, java blog, java community componentsCommunity components (17)
    Use Xsdot’s community components for architecting private and public blogs, forums, guest books, news feeds, chats and more. All Xsdot community...

  • form components, form services, forms, form, java forms, java form componentsForm components (13)
    Forms are used for submitting data to an application /service, a database table or a mailbox. Forms are buildup by using a form framework and form input...

  • pdf components, pdf services, pdf, java pdf, java pdf componentsPDF components (6)
    PDF services are used to produce Adobe® PDF (Printable document format) documents out of Xsdot’s application server content, products, orders,...

  • page modules, web page modules Page modules (8)
    The page modules are used for example for posting pages, sharing pages, printing pages, change page styles and download pages.

  • attribute components, attribute systems, attribute search systemsAttribute components (9)
    An open variable and attribute system has been developed for assigning complex attribute systems to products and pages.

  • server tools, web tools, web server tools, tools, java server toolsServer tools (3)
    Xsdot server tools are technical tools that are commonly used by system engineers to apply specific system engineering tasks on web applications and...

  • monitor services, alarm services, java monitor services, java alarm servicesMonitor & alarm services (6)
    Monitor & alarm services are used to alarm web application owners and system engineers when a web server or web service is not functioning properly.

  • online backup services, backup services, web backup services, internet backup services, backup, java backup servicesOnline backup services (3)
    To protect application data, Xsdot has implemented local and remote backup services. The backups are stored incremental to save storage space, also the...

  • security components, security services, security, authenticationSecurity components (8)
    Xsdot implemented many security layers into its application and hosting platform to protect it’s services from any damage. The combination of using these...

  • tool components, web tool componentsTool components (6)
    Xsdot tool components are basic components that are used for building web sites and could not be placed in other Xsdot component libraries.

  • statistics modules, analytics modules, web statistics, web analytics, java web statisticsStatistics modules (18)
    Website and or application statistics are a powerful tool for providing a business or website owner with statistics about visitors, robots, customers,...

  • service property pages, item property pages, web service property pagesService property pages (8)
    Every service, component or item in the Xsdot application server derives a standard set of properties that are used to control the item’s presentation,...

  • custom made services, development, custom made development, web development, custom web developmentXsdot - Custom made services & development
    It is always possible to order new standard or custom made functionalities or services to extend or improve your applications and websites.

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