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File service

With the file service it is possible to place and publish files (pdf, downloadable files, documents, etc.)  into content and applications. All file types are supported, the files are presented as small or large icons including for example file name, size, description, owner and creation date. Files are also used in design templates as design elements.

Content management - File service


The title or name of the file service (as presented in the content).


The description of the file service which can be presented in the file tool tip.

File name

The name of the file (as presented when downloaded)..

Upload file

Function for uploading a file.


The unique id of the file.

File size

The size of the downloadable file


The file can be presented without an icon, with a small icon or with a large icon.

Tool tip elements

Use the check boxes to select the information that you want to be presented in the file tool tip.

File name
File size
Creation date

File description.
The name of the file.
The file creator/owner
The size of the file.
The date that the file was created.

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